The one thing we forget when we double-cleanse

The one thing we forget when we double-cleanse




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Lately there seems to be a hype around the double-cleansing method in the skincare world.

But does it really help or maybe even harm our skin? We asked our dermatologist Christina Hayn*. She reveals the one thing you should not forget when double-cleansing, and she shares with us one simple—but golden—rule for skin cleansing, which you can certainly start following today.


What is double-cleansing?

When cleansing your skin, you want to make sure you take off the day’s impurities (or the night’s). If you don’t cleanse your skin before going to bed, skin sebum, makeup, and SPF provide the perfect basis for bacteria to grow.

The principle of double-cleansing is using one cleanser to remove makeup and the other to eliminate impurities and “deep clean the skin”. True to the motto, “two is better than one." 


Double-cleansing: don’t forget this one thing

We double-cleanse with good intentions always, but let’s not forget one important thing: our skin barrier.

“There’s a risk of aggravating skin concerns by removing too much of the skin’s oil barrier through over-washing or through irritations while washing and drying the skin afterwards. 

This might result in skin tightness or flakes or even inflammation and more breakouts in acne-prone skin,” says Christina.


Is double-cleansing really necessary?

We all learned one thing when it comes to skincare. Less is often more. By doing too much and applying too many treatments and products at the same time, we risk that our skin would react with redness, itchy skin or even more breakouts. So is the double-cleansing “trend” really worth the hype?

According to our dermatologist Christina, the answer to this is a clear, “No definitely not.

“Most cleansers today are formulated to remove makeup and impurities effectively. There is really no need to split these two indications. 

The only time I would double-cleanse is when I’m wearing very heavy makeup. But even then, it does not have to be two different cleansers. If you practice double-cleansing and you like it, or if feel that it improves your skin, then you can definitely carry on.”


Skin-cleansing 101: what we need to know

If you’re looking for a cleansing solution that takes off everything from heavy makeup to SPF, we recommend oil-based products. It’s because the best way to remove oil is actually by applying oily cleansers, and most products we use throughout the day are oil-soluble.

In general, cleansing your skin should feel good. So always go for soothing cleansers, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Another great option are BHA-gels. BHA clears our pores without drying out your skin.


If your skin tends to be more dry, skip the morning cleansing.

If you choose to double-cleanse, we recommend a light approach so that you do not harm your skin barrier.

And here’s the golden rule:

Apply your oil-based cleanser first and massage it for at least 30 seconds into your skin. Cleansing is not only about which products you use, but also the way you cleanse. So give your product enough time on your skin to do its magic.

After that, do not rinse your skin yet. As a second step, apply your second cleanser on your oil-based cleanser.

That way, you double-cleanse and your skin is protected by the oil you applied first.

Wash you face thoroughly with water. Done!


*About Christina Maria Hayn


Christina studied Medicine in Germany until 2017. She then worked in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Magdeburg as a resident doctor with a focus on skin cancer. Since 2020 she works in a dermatological practice. Treating common skin diseases like Acne is her daily business and passion since then.