Ingredients to avoid

Ingredients to avoid

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Q: Can I use my skincare while applying Sencyr?

Often we receive questions about the use of Sencyr in combination with other skincare products.

If you are planning to start with your Sencyr course or already at your probiotic skincare course, it is really worth it looking at the other products you also use during the day, as the may impact your Sencyr results.

What happens to your skin during a skin reset

Let’s remember quick how Sencyr actually works. After some years on intense studies and research, we figured out the root cause of acne, spots or oily skin mostly lies within your skin flora, which is the home of billions of good and bad bacteria we naturally have on our skin. A skin with a healthy mix of good and bad bacteria, which means all kinds of bacterial strains represented, is a happy skin.

During the Sencyr Reset course, which takes 30 days, our living probiotics bring your skin flora back to its natural balance. Just like its supposed to be – helping your skin fight off inflammations on its own.

Why you should avoid certain cosmetics during your skin reset

Now as Sencyr is focusing on bringing your skin flora back to balance, you want to avoid anything that can trigger an imbalance again during that time. Imagine you are applying actual living bacteria onto your skin daily, and you want them to grow and stay on your skin. This process however can be disturbed by anything that is not skin flora-friendly. You would be surprised, but many cosmetic products or even skin treatments are anything but healthy for your skin microbiome. In fact, they only support a bigger imbalance in your skin. Sounds contra productive, right? A lot of anti-acne skincare only dampens your acne during the time you’re applying the product. You might have noticed that after stopping a certain skincare product, your acne comes back. This is why focusing on the root cause of your skin issue is so essential!

List of Ingredients to avoid

We created a list of ingredients you should avoid in your skincare while applying Sencyr. Just because they might impact your skin results, during your 30-day-course.

These are:

  • Perfume Fleur de peau RS90514
  • Cetrimonium Chloride
  • Cyclohexyl Glycerin
  • Hexanediol
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Benzyl alcohol

In general, try to avoid anything that might be pore-clogging for you or contains oils. If you shop a new foundation, go for the oil-free version. Your skin will thank you later.

Also, try to keep your hands off antibiotics, to treat acne. You might feel like antibiotics are your last shot when it comes to treating acne, but keep in mind that antibiotics never work on the root cause of your skin disease. Ultimately, antibiotics often do more harm than good to your skin and gut microbiome. You can read more about that here.