King of Spain, beach volleyball and science

What do the King of Spain, a game of beach volley, and a scientific breakthrough have in common?

They’re all a part of Sencyr’s origin story.

A story that kicks off in 9-year-old Bernie Paetzold's childhood bedroom.

Imagine the scene. It's 1990. Sci-fi books lie scattered across the floor. One question races through little Bernie's mind..

“What if tiny robots could heal us when we’re sick?”

Fast forward to 2014. Little Bernie is all grown up and has just completed his PhD in Synthetic Biology. He's engineering bacteria to cure diseases. A dream come true. A milestone achieved.

And then it strikes him. Something he hadn't considered. Those little robots? They already exist. We don't have to engineer them. Our body hosts them by the billions.

Skin microbiome transplant might be the key to treating skin problems

Treatments including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Extensive research and testing confirms his hunch. But the story doesn’t end there. What’s a ‘Eureka!’ moment if it doesn’t help those in need?

So he gets two people on board. The first: his former lab partner and renowned genomic engineering expert Marc Güell. The second: Veronika Oudova, a business expert he meets during a leisurely game of beach volley.

There, on that beach, science and strategy collide, and adventure begins.

The Sencyr journey leads our team across the globe.

A startup programme in Chile. A grant and residency at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. The South Summit in Madrid, where they win Best Biotech Project and are lauded by the Spanish King. It enables support from JLABS Johnson & Johnson and collaborations with dozens of experts, including the dedicated professionals who have since joined our team.

And now we’re here. Providing effective, long-term care for acne-prone skin.

The brains and hearts behind the brand

Veronika Oudova
CEO & Co-founder

MA in International Trade— Prague

CEMS - MA in International Management—Prague, Vienna, Rotterdam

Special skills:

Speaks Czech, English, German, Spanish, and startup lingo

Born manager, connects the dots and people

Brings science to market

The outdoors is her natural habitat

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