5 Reasons Adult Acne Sufferers Love Sencyr

1. Clinically proven serum for spots

Sencyr’s probiotics are clinically proven to reduce spots and oily skin

2. Long lasting effects

Even when you stop using Sencyr probiotics, the beneficial bacteria still remains on your skin. In fact 12 days after stopping Sencyr, Dermatologists recognised that 9/10 people had less oily and shiny skin.

3. Simply one product

Sencyr is simple. One product. Once a day. This isn’t an unnecessarily complex 7 step skin routine.

4. No side effects

No redness and dry skin side effects. Sencyr is built differently without harmful bulking agents or chemicals

5. Access to the experts

We provide ongoing support from the experts to better understand your acne journey and optimise your skincare routine to make sure you beat your acne

Try something that **actually** works for acne

Try the Sencyr probiotic serum which is clinically proven to reduce spots and oily skin.

Reset your skin with our

30-day Skin Reset

- Clinically proven formula

- 87% of participants saw visible results after 30 days

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