Your acne skincare isn't working

The skin is colonised by approximately a trillion microbes including bacteria. When there's an imbalance of these bacteria, we can become susceptible to issues like acne.

Many anti-acne treatments weaken your skin’s natural microbiome, damage your skin barrier and irritate the skin.

Our probiotic solution is clinically proven to reduce spots

Our probiotic solution contains natural and beneficial bacteria that are found on healthy skin. It helps to reset and rebalance the skin's microbiome to restore it's natural power to protect itself from acne.

It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of spots and oily skin.

Works with your skin nature - not against it

Applying skin care in order to eradicate bacteria is like swimming against the tide.

Our Chief Scientific Officer Bernhard Paetzold gladly explains why skin-natural probiotic technology is the best way to support acne prone skin to heal naturally.

3 acne myths, debunked

“Acne is a result of poor hygiene.”

Research has confirmed that poor hygiene is not associated with acne, but an imbalanced skin microbiome is. There are many possible factors influencing the skin's microbiome, such as the use of antibiotics, strong cleansers, air quality, sunlight and probably many more to be discovered in the coming years.

“All skin bacteria are bad bacteria.”

This couldn't be further from the truth. The skin is home to a community of billions of resident bacteria, which play a starring role in maintaining and restoring the balance in the skin's ecosystem. Flare-ups and blemishes are related to imbalances between these resident bacteria, not merely due to their presence.

“Harsh chemicals and peels are the way to go.”

Anything you apply to your skin affects the natural microbiome community. Antibiotics, salicylic acid, BPO and other current acne products all impact beneficial cutibacterium acnes strains, often causing more harm than good for a lasting healthy microbiome balance.

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