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Proven and tested by independent laboratories, Sencyr Living Skin Probiotics banish your stubborn acne in 30-60 days.

Sencyr gives you confidence that there is a product that finally works to get rid of your acne and keep it at bay - for good.

Our latest clinical study on Living Skin Probiotics

We performed a 6-week double blinded, placebo controlled clinical study to validate and quantify the impact of Living Skin Probiotics in improving acne-prone skin with 62 volunteers. Our results showed that Living Skin Probiotics is clinically proven to reduce skin redness, blackheads and whiteheads and modulates the skin microbiome subspecies level.

The Clinical Evidence Behind Sencyr

73% of subjects appeared to have clearer skin*

87% of subjects appeared to have less oily skin*

72% of subjects appeared to have less clogged pores*

70% of subjects appeared to have smoother skin*

70% of subjects appeared improve the appearance of the skin*

* with no changes 12 days after interruption of application

*Clinical study organized by Inovapotek, Pharmaceutical Research and Development Lda, sponsored by S -Biomedic NV, double blinded randomized placebo controlled clinical study for the evalution of the totelarance, efficacy and acceptability of a cosmetic ingredient on acne prone skin.

Clinical Investigation Final Report FRC/P337I19, inovapotek, 14/12/2021

Subjects: n=60 acne prone skin; 12-25 years old